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Punching / Kick Bag - 60cm (2 foot) - Empty - Mushin



Punching / Kick Bag - 60cm (2 foot) - Empty - Mushin
We now have empty MUSHIN punch bag cases, so you can save big $$$. Below are the normal prices (at the time of writing) of FILLED commercial grade punch bags available in store only. We sell a heaps of these bags to the public, mine sites, martial arts schools and boxing clubs, as they are made from a high grade Rip-Stop Polyurethane, a much better material than sold at the sports store 'home use' bags. But we not have EMPTY MUSHIN punch bag cases. Picture is of a 4 foot bag that we filled ourselves with scap fabric (material/clothes).

One of the big costs on selling a filled bag online, is freight. So here is the solution which will save you big bucks. MUSHIN punch bags cases! You will save money by filling it yourself. We use cloth in our bags and find that to be the best, but we have also used wood shavings or shredded tyre rubber from a tyre retread factory.

How to fill punch bags… this is how we fill ours. Put about 30cm of cloth scrpas or clothes into the bag and spread it around the base evenly. Then punch it down with your fist or the thick end of the baseball bat. Repeat with another 30cm of material… until you get to the top… then zip it up. After using it for a couple of days, take it down and top it up, as it will compact further.

So here are your prices and savings. The first price is the regular price of a filled bag and the second price is what you can have one of these cases for!

Filled 60cm bag: $97, Case only $69.95 SAVE $27.05
Filled 90cm bag: $123, Case only $74.95 SAVE $48.05
Filled 120cm bag: $168, Case only $79.95 SAVE $88.05
Filled 150cm bag: $193, Case only $84.95 SAVE $108.05
Filled 180cm bag: $247, Case only $89.95 SAVE $157.05.

Sorry, we can't absorb freight cost on these cases at these low margin prices, but will send ANY SIZE by Australia Post, anwhere they deliver in Australia for $20.